YOUKNOW. Clothing started in 2017 with a simple concept for a plain black t-shirt

The phrase “YOUKNOW” was originally just a saying used with mates, but quickly caught on. Our first plain black tee had “YOUKNOW.” printed across the chest, and that became the brand name. All going down at “The Mansh”, the birthplace of the brand. The Mansh was an iconic flat which Founder Joe Webb made some friends for life. Community is the foundation for YOUKNOW. Clothing and the Mansh is where it all started.



YOUKNOW Founder Joe Webb

Our founder, Joe Webb, started making more tees with this simple YOUKNOW. aesthetic. He also noticed that of the brands in NZ making his type of clothes, they were all SUPER expensive. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Joe would hit the screen printer from 6am-9am. Then in the afternoon he’d squeeze in a quick gym session & shoot home to get back on the tools.  As Joe was born with colorblindness, he only started making black and white tee’s - to keep things safe... The grind was tough, but at the same time, very rewarding. YOUKNOW. would not be what it is today without the constant support, pitching in, post-sharing, shouting out and modeling from our close friends and family. 

YOUKNOW. is proudly a unisex brand and our mission is to support young people across New Zealand and Australia, providing enhanced essentials that everyone can feel good in!