Our Community | Conversation with Tegan Yorwarth


Kia ora Tegan, can you tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and where you’re based?

Kia oraaaa! I’m Tegan Yorwarth, just Tegs to most. I’m 24 years old and I’m a broadcaster! I’m one third of the Mai Morning Crew on Mai FM (what should be your favourite breakfast show, eeeeoooow). Although originally from Palmy, I’m based here in the beautiful city of Tamaki Makaurau.

How did you get into radio? Have you always wanted to be on air?

I always loved radio but being onair seemed a little unattainable. I got into it initially as a digital content producer at George FM. Fucking loved it. The universe had a different plan for me though and low and behold I kinda ended up on air by accident! I’m pretty sure some people at work just thought I was funny on the piss, so they threw my name in the hat to audition for an onair role at Mai. Audition went well, they took a chance on me… and well, the rest is history!

How do you find working with Nickson and Jordan for 4 hours every morning? Must be pretty tough… hahaha

HAHAHA! Honestly, I love it. It’s very much a whanau dynamic. We definitely bicker and sometimes want to run it straight at each other, but at the end of the day it’s all love. They’re like brothers to me, and they put a smile on my face every morning. I love how much we challenge each other and push ourselves to do better. That’s me, that’s team!

What’s it like being part of the Mai whanau?

It’s so awesome. We’re in a building full of other radio brands but there’s none other like Mai. We’re family, and our kaupapa sets us apart from the rest. Couldn’t be more proud to be a member of the whanau.

What else do you like doing out of radio?

Radio takes up a lot of my life to be honest, I live and breathe it, but I’m getting into the swing of that work life balance! Working on lil side hustles, always exercising to keep the mental health in good shape. Just anything that fills my cup. 2021 has been the year I’ve really worked on myself though and started to put time aside for new projects!


What’s one thing you’d want to tell someone looking at getting into radio? 

Learn as much as you can! Every side of radio. From promos, to marketing, to onair, to digital, to music. Literally everything. Be as versatile as you can. SAY YES TO EVERYTHING!

Any future plans that you want to give us the inside scoop on?

Funny you mention that because I actually do! I’ve been working on a lil something’ with Randy Sjafrie and Joe Daymond. We’re planning on releasing a podcast later this year! He’s a very good friend of mine and a massive talent. Can’t wait for everyone to see what me and this ratbag come up with. That’s all I can say for now... so WATCH THIS SPACE.

Where can people find you?

On Tinder.

JOKES hahahaha. You’ll find me on IG @teganyorwarth 

And if you wanna see what me and the boys on the show get up to, give @maimorningcrew a follow too. Promise you won't regret it hehe.

Big love!